Jan 5, 2011

fosdyk well

fosdyk well - slumber and stark lots (blackcity records, 2011)

Fosdyk Well took shape in early 2008 as an alliance between songwriter Scott Ferguson and engineer/guitarist Sean Whittaker, with the objective of fleshing out a series of song sketches. Informed by the elusive tones and varied spirit of experimental folk projects such as Rivulets and Current 93--with a dash of the widescreen ambience of This Mortal Coil--Slumber and Stark Lots is the result. Featuring contributions from members of Chicago's experimental wonder children Static Pillars and Tongues, Fosdyk Well's debut mini-album is as textured and free-flowing as the dream states it documents, a story-song for haunted interior space.

Hace varias semanas Scott líder de este dúo de Chicago, al que hay que añadir a Douglas Tesnow (Static Films) y Evans Hyzik (Static Films y Pillars and Tongues), me envió Slumber and Stark Lots que en breve publicará Black City y que hasta el momento su escucha se reducía a unos cuantos familiares y amigos. En principio lo recibí con cierta reticencia, pero lo cierto es que el ambient-obscure folk de canciones como 'Archover' o 'Corpes and Candles' hacen que merezca perderse en el.

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