Jul 26, 2011

clawfoot slumber

There is a moment upon awakening when the difference between dream and reality cannot be distinguished…for a moment, we are left believing that the fantastic is possible and the banal is nonexistent. Clawfoot Slumber’s Silly Little Dream occupies this space, weaving together a series of tracks that navigates the intricacies, vagaries, and mysteries of a dreamscape that is at times solemn, joyous, and terrifying. alex callenberger, the creative force behind Clawfoot Slumber, has striven to create music that is not merely aural, but visual as well…in his own words, he has begun to “sculpt” his work, focusing “on the interpretation of sounds as images and feelings within the sonic realm.” His music has become a canvas, his art an instrument…colors, abstractions, and images ride upon the sounds of each track of Silly Little Dream, melding together reality and fancy in a wave of resonance and reverb. the needle & the groove

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