Dec 15, 2012

atelier o divino

atelier o divino is mysterious and resides in brasil. atelier o divino is an art studio engaged in a wide diversity of practices ranging from painting and independent publishing to web art, video and recorded sound. the tracks produced by atelier o divino aim to construct atmospheres and imaginary landscapes rather than melodies. most of the records so far are made with the reprocessed sound of the recorded tenor sax. but divino's investigations are soon to be broadened to a wider range of sound sources.

pyr is a small netlabel based in chicago that focuses on experimental: noise, improvisation, and weirdo rock. pan y rosas began putting out music in 2008 as a way to make often overlooked music available to the public and as a way of building a community of artists, musicians and listeners. we believe that as media consolidation continues to reduce the avenues available to musicians, it is increasingly important to open up new paths for the dissemination of new music. we see pan y rosas discos, and netlabels in general, as offering one more path for artists to utilize.