Aug 7, 2009


Circulus make me want to take my clothes off. Not in a do a streak across the centre court at Wimbledon way, no, that wouldn't do at all. No, it's in the stripping away all the clutter and burden of modern life sense, I would of course then don the gold lamé jump suit or suit of armour that Michael Tyack, the funky medieval main-man of Circulus, demanded of me and board the good ship Circulus for a voyage amongst the glittering orbs of outer space...

Hence we have the third Circulus album, Thought Becomes Reality, and it throws a teeny dose of psychedelic space rock into the bubbling witches brew of medieval pomp that we know and love. The line-up has changed slightly, most noticeably in the departure of the distinctive voice of Lo Polidoro, however the addition of Holly-Jane Shears and the 'Circulus Ladies Choir' more than makes up for her absence. Within You Is The Sun being a dreamy highlight.

Adiós a rise above, el tercer larga duración de Circulus llega desde su propio sello, no es ésta la única novedad, hay nuevas incorporaciones y Lo Polidoro ya no es la fémina de Circulus y se nota. Puede seguir hablándose de medieval folk-rock con las reverberaciones electrónicas acostumbradas, psicodelia... pero éste es su disco más preciosista, soleado, accesible, menos intricado, así Dando Shaft o Pentagle parecen ya olvidados. Otro horizonte es el que se ve tras la irrestible 'within you is the sun'.