Sep 23, 2014

juma's sultan's aboriginal music society


While musician’s recording their own music is not uncommon, it would be hard to imagine anyone matching the recording tenacity of Juma Sultan, who has recorded thousands of hours of material from the late 1960’s through the 1970’s. And not recordings of any old song but material that is historically important in regards to the evolution of (for the lack of better word) “Jazz”. What we have here now is a collection of handpicked tracks from the vast collection of Juma Sultan and in particular is his Aboriginal Music Society, comprised of likeminded musicians. The dates and personnel vary from track to track as the Aboriginal Music Society was consistently evolving as musicians came and went over the years. This ever changing line-up lead to a diversity of emotions that let the band explore a multitude of styles that included elements of, African music, jazz, spiritual-jazz, free-jazz and even soul music. Fortunately, some thirty years after the music was recorded, it is now reaching an eager and appreciative audience.