Oct 23, 2011

john terlazzo (rare earth XXVI)

"Dark loner poet folk/rock. Very heavy Leonard Cohen influence, but makes LC seem cheerful by comparison. Even the one song that is upbeat, almost good-timey, has a dark undertone. Terlazzo is accompanied on many tracks by a beautiful haunting female backing vocal which is often wordless. Several tracks have fine electric guitar leads and solos. The poetic nature of his writing rather stark and often “esoteric” lyric images, brought out well by his rather limited baritone voice. I rate this at the top of the loner folkie heap." Patrick Lundborg /Acid Archives.

No sé que más añadir, sólo la poesía de 'Avalanche' de Leonard Cohen o 'Things Behind The Sun' de Nick Drake se acerca a 'Honour Among Thieves' o 'The Older Code'.

Sep 15, 2011

the family elan

Fusion is a dirty word, implying clinicism and a dry sense of conscious matchmaking. “Bow Low Bright Glow” is a more a communal excavation and re-presentation of buried European folk and
sufi-hearted music than any form of experiment. Family Elan are alone in their field. Here, Chris Hladowski has put together a collection of original numbers, visions created from lost/found tapes and traditional pieces (including a absolutely gorgeous “The BlackPlanets Of Her Eyes”) that are a fitting companion to Family Elan’s “Stare of Dawn” debut.

Alongside Hladowski’s voice, there’s the vocal input of Nalle’s Hanna Tuulikki – a voice as easily capable of gentle Qawwali as it is folk song. This is a record of heavy treble intricacy, Hladowski’s saz and bouzouki playing encompassing drones, folk, dervish progressive work and a woozy shimmer over and through the entwining melodies. Family Elan are more than just a project or a band, Hladowski has endowed the music here with a such a unique voice that shaky shorthand comparisons would be pointless and a short sell. Music that hints at the devotional rarely feels as inclusive, as communal and as enjoyable as this.

Abandonado Locust y tras tres años de larga espera, el proyecto de
Chris Hladowski y Hanna Tuulikki, una debilidad personal, regresa al traditional-folk del Eastern Europe y lo rodea de múltiples referencias, drones, una sensibilidad más propia de Clive's Original Band e intricadas melodías al saz y al bouzouki que revolotearán sin cesar en tu subconsciente.

Sep 3, 2011

georgia's horse

This five track EP features the skewed and magnetic vision of singer/songwriter Teresa Maldonado but her brittle and skeletal songs are fleshed out by multi-instrumentalist Tiziano Hernandez (bass/guitars), Brad Thomason (drums) and Melly Rose (cello). But thats not to say that this recording sounds like it was handled by some kind of your mothers your brother, lives in a barn hillman. Their recent collaboration with hotly tipped Pitchfork favourites and electronic/dub step pioneers Various Productions (As It Stops Raining, Fire Records) has certainly influenced the group the title track and Snake & Sparrow, creak and echo as if recorded in a haunted house, on haunted equipment. From the most basic of set ups, a deeply affecting and subtle beauty is achieved.

Aug 22, 2011


bonifrate - um futuro inteiro (cloud chapel, 2011)

‘Um Futuro Inteiro’ is a marvel of home recording. Accurate arrangements built by the bard himself with contributions of his gang formed by Filipe Giraknob, Alexander Zhemchuzhnikov, Diogo Valentino, Augusto Malbouisson and Digital Ameríndio (...) Its the album 'Um Futuro Inteiro' (A Whole Future) by a guy who calls himself Bonifrate, a kind of rural psychedelic fella who was born and raised in Paraty, a small coastal city between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Jul 26, 2011

clawfoot slumber

There is a moment upon awakening when the difference between dream and reality cannot be distinguished…for a moment, we are left believing that the fantastic is possible and the banal is nonexistent. Clawfoot Slumber’s Silly Little Dream occupies this space, weaving together a series of tracks that navigates the intricacies, vagaries, and mysteries of a dreamscape that is at times solemn, joyous, and terrifying. alex callenberger, the creative force behind Clawfoot Slumber, has striven to create music that is not merely aural, but visual as well…in his own words, he has begun to “sculpt” his work, focusing “on the interpretation of sounds as images and feelings within the sonic realm.” His music has become a canvas, his art an instrument…colors, abstractions, and images ride upon the sounds of each track of Silly Little Dream, melding together reality and fancy in a wave of resonance and reverb. the needle & the groove

Jun 25, 2011

adam bleckley

adam bleckley - reverse (self-released, 2011)

I'm an musician from Birmingham in the U.K. I create hypnotic music using different sources of sound. The aim is to make music where the listener can lose themselves in the different textures of the noise. When I made the record I was hoping to create something which drew its listeners into a sort of trance state. I'd say that I wasn't focusing on a particular emotion but rather the ability to make listeners and myself apply their own feelings and ideas on to the music. The naming of each song is just based upon how I felt when listening to each song over and the events around me at the time. Adam

Hay ciertas cosas que pese a todo te hacen buscar un momento y volver. Sumergirse de primera mano en 'Unleashed, you spoke' o 'Revere' y perderse en ese viaje pastoral de drones de baja densidad e hipnóticas soundscapes, bien lo merecen.

Jan 7, 2011

sacred harp

Sacred Harp is Daniel Bachman is Fredericksburg, Virginia. You can usually find Daniel at the local coffee shop wearing a plaid, flannel shirt and smoking a cigarette, or sitting on a porch drinkin’ a beer and playing this song on guitar. He is more of a mint tea man than a coffee person, but we don’t fault him for that. Daniel is single, turning 21 next week and you should buy him a drink. Those aren’t coke nails, they are for finger pickin’. chillwave

Llevaba tiempo este año, que ya pasó, queriendo tropezar con un disco así. Cuando uno vuelve a reencontrarse y una y otra vez con fingerpickings como Peter Walker, Robbie Basho, Richard Bishop... las sensanciones lejos de diluirse se intensifican y sientes que se llena ese vacío interior y disfrutas con plenitud de principio a fin. 'Feast of the Green Corn' de Daniel Bachmann lo ha hecho de nuevo.

Jan 5, 2011

fosdyk well

fosdyk well - slumber and stark lots (blackcity records, 2011)

Fosdyk Well took shape in early 2008 as an alliance between songwriter Scott Ferguson and engineer/guitarist Sean Whittaker, with the objective of fleshing out a series of song sketches. Informed by the elusive tones and varied spirit of experimental folk projects such as Rivulets and Current 93--with a dash of the widescreen ambience of This Mortal Coil--Slumber and Stark Lots is the result. Featuring contributions from members of Chicago's experimental wonder children Static Pillars and Tongues, Fosdyk Well's debut mini-album is as textured and free-flowing as the dream states it documents, a story-song for haunted interior space.

Hace varias semanas Scott líder de este dúo de Chicago, al que hay que añadir a Douglas Tesnow (Static Films) y Evans Hyzik (Static Films y Pillars and Tongues), me envió Slumber and Stark Lots que en breve publicará Black City y que hasta el momento su escucha se reducía a unos cuantos familiares y amigos. En principio lo recibí con cierta reticencia, pero lo cierto es que el ambient-obscure folk de canciones como 'Archover' o 'Corpes and Candles' hacen que merezca perderse en el.