Aug 28, 2010

burgundy grapes

Burgundy Grapes second full album (after another EP last year) contains fourteen instrumental pieces which hang wonderfully together flowing from one theme to the next, a combination of a soundtrack-like effect on balanced natural rhythm of evolutions, like a large suite, which has moments where the acoustic picking duets dominate atmospherically, otherwise the chambermusic-like fashion leads. Lots of friends helped the duo out with arrangements in a rather improvised colouring matter, adding different flavours as changing aspects of sound, by instruments like slide guitar varying the acoustic sound or instruments like glockenspiel (5), organ (7) or bit of accordion. The tracks hold the middle between melancholy, meditation and a descriptive filmic way of performance as if this recalls some sort of road movie mixed with that classical music stage of mood. An album which works like a never ending story and therefore automatically get you listening to it again and again. psychedelic folk