Jun 25, 2011

adam bleckley

adam bleckley - reverse (self-released, 2011)

I'm an musician from Birmingham in the U.K. I create hypnotic music using different sources of sound. The aim is to make music where the listener can lose themselves in the different textures of the noise. When I made the record I was hoping to create something which drew its listeners into a sort of trance state. I'd say that I wasn't focusing on a particular emotion but rather the ability to make listeners and myself apply their own feelings and ideas on to the music. The naming of each song is just based upon how I felt when listening to each song over and the events around me at the time. Adam

Hay ciertas cosas que pese a todo te hacen buscar un momento y volver. Sumergirse de primera mano en 'Unleashed, you spoke' o 'Revere' y perderse en ese viaje pastoral de drones de baja densidad e hipnóticas soundscapes, bien lo merecen.