Apr 15, 2006

brothers of the occult sisterhood

Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood - Canisanubis (Musicyourmindwillloveyou , 2006)

Hipnótica excursión pagana -la 3º- de free-folk/jazz, finger-picked, efectos y percusiones, un caos controlado, étnico y psicodélico. Third Ear Band, Van Vliet o los Amon Düül de Para Dieswärts Düül se dan cita en mínimas melodías subterráneas. 'Augustifolia' y comienza el ritual. Palabras mayores se escuchan en la isla.

Listening to this CD-R doesn’t by any means reduce my excitement as it includes some of the finest botos pieces to this day. “Augustifolia” is quietly stumbling avant rock clatter that flirts with folk to the same degree as with free jazz. The latter partly comes from the chosen instrumentation, but mostly has something to do with the percussive element, which often nods discreetly in the direction of a number of free jazz giants. The percussive element is stunning throughout and probably the one thing that holds all the far-reaching ideas together. “The Silk Wolf Whose Arrow Spirit Speaks” is just as spiritual as its title suggests with a myriad of acoustic sounds creating the sonic equivalent to the wailing of the desolate wind over the sun-drenched outback. This epic folk - jazz improvisation comes packed right on top of a low-key groove which suggests that things might lead to some sort of mauling tribal folk frenzy but it never quite gets there and that feel of not knowing where things will go next is just devastatingly powerful and beautiful. This track is truly hitting the band’s mark, with outward and inward movements connecting the microscopic variations and the wide-open space of the forever lasting outback with the diversity of the flourishing rainforest. digital industries


mirtamirta said...

adrián, tenía pensado hablar estos días del ultimísimo de Brothers of the occult sisterhood (Goodbye, también en Digitalis). me encanta este grupo...Lucifer's Bride es una barbaridad, un disco impresionante.

adrián said...

Idem ana, son un grupazo, mucho psych-folk! :)

'lucifers bride', lo conseguí hace poco y uf, igual es el mejor con permiso de 'animal speak'. no sabía de 'goodbye' (coméntalo), otro más...

pd.: ahora estoy adentrándome en tus davenport con 'the hands of worm heavens', mucha tela que cortar, ya te diré.

mirtamirta said...

buf, free country lo pedí, me lo pidieron, hace poco a forcedexposure...me hace mucha ilusión, obra magna y definitiva. ahora mi sueño sería tener esa preciosa caja de cico cd's (the davenport family)que ya está agotada. sniff. en fin...mucha tela que cortar :)