Jul 13, 2006

clive's original band (rare earth X)

Clive's Original Band - Spirit Of Love (1971)

Clive Palmer is one of those people whose name is know and respected by many, but very few people really know Clive because he seems to treat each project, whether it be a band or the making of a pair of boots or the Japanase method of making, as a challenge and once its creation is over he moves to the next thing. (That's how it appears to have been with the Incredible String Band, originally known as Clive's Original Band. Once their first album was finished Clive took his advance from the record company and disappeared to India. On his return he played with Wizz Jones and founded the now defunct Famous Jug Band). Clive is probably best known as a banjo player and had to borrow one for one number on this album.

Mick Bennett and I had a Jug Band in Cornwall a few years ago and it was whilst we were playing together taht we first met 'Little John' Bidwell who often played in the same club. Because of the close knit musical community all three played together in various permutations with ohter muscians. Two of the most notable band to emerge the Stockroom Five and the Templa Creatures. With the talents of Mick and John it seems that Clive has found a solution to the question of challenge. Whereas in the past it was largely left to Clive to decide direction, in this band each member sets the others off and provides new stimulus. In John, Clive has a found musician of similar tastes and great ability and Mick a lyricist, poet and vocalist and together they keep enthusiasm bubbling all the time. All the guys have known hard times, two winters spetn living on potatoes, flour and water in an old caravan miles from the nearest road, but all the time making music. I hope this album has captured some of that musica and atmosphere mady by John, Mick and Clive. They're called Clive's Original Band because taht's what they are...

Notas de Ralph McTeil en la modesta y bonita reedición -2002- del disco por Lady Eleanore de Clive Palmer, Mick Bennet y John Bidwell que incluye las letras. Ocultos entre los árboles del british-folk pagano, Shirley Collins a capella, armonías vocales, coros femeninos, pinceladas a Incredible String Band... y envueltos en una maleza de guitarras, banjos, chelos, bongos, dulcitar, aroma barroco y misticismo hindú, desfilan 'Serpent's Kiss', 'Wade in the Water', 'Spirit of Love', 'Evening Air' o 'Banjo Land', soñadoras sinfonías de tres trovadores del bosque.

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