Aug 14, 2007

soft circle

soft circle - full bloom (eastern developments, 2007)

Full Bloom is an ecstatic percussion and voice exercise. Perhaps exorcism is a better word. Over seven tracks we delve into the depths of his one man band aesthetic. In the live experience, Hisham sits behind a drum kit, along with some samplers and triggers, a guitar sitting in his lap and a microphone headset strapped around his head. This image should give you a sense of the dynamics enclosed in the Soft Circle album, as most tracks were recorded in one live take, with few overdubs. From opening title "Ascend," to tracks like "Sundazed," "Stones and Trees," "Shimmer," "Whirl" and "Earthed" get the picture. Yes, this is a dose of new freak-folk, but more in the Panda Bear style of emotional release, or even that of Bharoocha's former band, Black Dice. Full Bloom is filled with ethno-acoustic/electronic vibes culled from hand percussion, drone vocals, yelps and howls, sitars, bird calls, electronic washes and slight dance rhythms. References could be made to Eno/Byrne's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and the Wild Orchid soundtrack at one moment, and in the next, like Steve Reich meeting Pandit Pran Nath in a drum circle. A surprise outing from the NY underground.

Hisham Baroocha, se despega de la cartasis de noise de Lighting Bolt y se sumerge en un atmosférico amalgama, voy a llamarlo trance-world-folk. En fin, uno de los discos más inspiradores de lo que va de año, los dos clicks de abajo eso dicen.


gris-gris said...

atrapado ando en 'sundazed'.

ana said...

y yo :)