Oct 14, 2008

milton cross

You might not have heard of Milton Cross, but you've certainly heard of the main band he's in (Tarentel). He's also a member of Dial Square and Party of Doom. "Light in the West" was originally self-released in a limited CDR format, but has now been remastered and reworked (some tracks removed, some new ones added) and reborn in this new skin.

Cross does his best work when he's playing his violin or harmonium. He's classically trained and his skill is immediately apparent. Both instruments permeate the album, adding a thick layer of glowing warmth to the songs which they haunt. From the heartbreaking opener, "It's Been Almost a Year" to the quiet, wavering whispers of "Future Ghost," Cross has created an album full of endless layers and organic details. Each listen reveals something new to dissect and digest. It's an album we are very proud to resurrect from the ether.

Packaged in two-color silkscreened gatefolds. Limited to 500 copies. All new artwork by Eden Hemming Rose.
First 100 copies include special, handnumbered pressed-leaf insert.


ana said...

todo en este disco es bonito, la música, la portada, el título del disco, el nombre del músico...y esa preciosidad llamada 'first there came a letter froma tree'. y 'passeiformes'!

adrián said...

una pequeña joya este disco, añado 'future ghost' para escucharla por la mañana. esta ahora bajando vinter que pinta muy bien (ya te diré) y que sorpresa el split de inca ore/grouper :)