Jul 30, 2010

evan caminiti

west winds is a discourse on solitude and cosmic exploration set primarily to an open tuned guitar. it is a logical successor to caminiti’s strong, large(r) scale solo debut, psychic mud shrine (digitalis, 2009) and calls to mind roy montgomery, hex-era earth and popul vuh. the album is the result of caminiti’s six-month long focus on each song’s form and musical composition. over that span of time, caminiti assembled and came to know each song intimately, constructing a series of strong structural bases. that knowledge permitted him to record the final takes accentuated by numerous potent improvisational flourishes as heard on west winds. this long-form approach of adding chaotic, off-the-cuff elements to such long-crafted tracks is basically the opposite approach to that which is used within the context of barn owl. through its contemplative tone, west winds is the perfect soundtrack to your next night alone in the literal or figurative desert. caminiti coaxes a sustained wash of shimmering tones from his guitar that conjure the impression of heat illusions appearing just over the horizon on a long, straight, and otherwise abandoned road in the dead heat of summer. three lobed


Toxinho (DroneaDronea@gmail.com) said...

Muchas gracias Aldea. No tenía ni idea de que sacara nuevo material.

threelobed said...

three lobed recordings here. please remove this unauthorized post of our latest release. thank you.

three lobed recordings, llc

adrián said...

sorry, the post is now clean. i guess there is no problem to keep it.