Dec 20, 2010

sproatly smith

This is the second Sproatly Smith release on Reverb Worship.“Pixieled" is a really superb and enchanting recording which takes its inspiration from folklore.Many tales exist of mischievous spirits of the dead or other supernatural beings such as pixies. reverb worship

I hardly know anything about the band. I can only say with this first near 55 minute recording they have surely delivered a professional nicely arranged psych-folk product with tracks that flow into one another through meandering improvisations and songs that take its place. Instruments used are glockenspiel, flute, acoustic guitar, slide-guitar, reverb guitar, wah-wah guitar effects, some violin and sitar and harmonium, parts with analogue synths arrangements, lots of zither, environmental collages with sea shores, water and making ramblings, a small part with tube flutings, some breathing and with some songs appearing more often, arranged with a beautiful acid-folk female voice or male voice and some spoken word referring to fairy tale/literature story telling. I hear a beautiful version of Gwydion(?) 's “Flowers Made Of Winter” and of “a leaf must fall”. Highly recommended. Please release this on LP/CD! ( I have airplayed a large part of it in my 2 hour 2 weekly show)
. psychedelic folk

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