Jun 23, 2012


Bristol based Snails is basically a duo, consisting of Dan Weltman (aka Hollowbody) and Mog Fry (The Wraiths / Ukeytronica). They mentioned that Basil Kirchin, Clive Palmer and Moondog influenced them. “With tips of the hat to Francoise Hardy, The Left Banke and The Pastels.” At first they wanted to “soundtrack a budget slasher movie involving a homicidal nun”. This led to more than one lost soundtrack. It is hard to tell the range of their inspirations, because both songs from the single are already somewhat different, although both have that lovely English countryside flavour in them rooted in folk, with free and fresh new inspirations. The loveliest track with no doubt is “She’d like an hour”. Here we hear fast moody pickings, glockenspiel and layers of texturing strings/brass and flute arrangements and percussion, led by a melancholic sweet female lead voice. The arrangements evolve further and change into a kind of old music dance-folk flavoured tune led by two guitars and hand percussion, with some moody acid folkish progressing on the rhythms with several vocal and flute arrangements ideas. “Daylight ends” is in a lighter happier mode, a song by dual vocals, picking guitars and electric (some kind of string instrument or) guitar, violin and some mouth harmonica, like a softened and sweetened countryside/Appalachian folk flavoured lullaby. Edition of 300 numbered green vinyl records. psychedelic folk 

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