Dec 2, 2006

polytoxicomane philharmonie

polytoxicomane philharmonie - psycho erectus (nasoni, 2004)

Polytoxicomane Philharmonie is a bunch of weird guys from Germany, hidden somewhere in the woods around Frankfurt, enjoying every minute of life and also making music now and then. According to their (nick)names they are not that serious about what they are doing, anyway the line-up has changed a lot during the last years. Their music can not be described in one word: psychedelic, space-rock, jazz-rock, kraut-rock, ambient and even a bit folky. A track like Fuddle Pie & Puddle Fie can be easily compared with the works of Frank Zappa, both textually as musically.There are female and male vocals and very often it is all about the spoken word, like in Sulphur and La Chanson Verte. Lokus Pokus has an Eastern exotic flavour, while the horns make it evolve towards jazz-rock, not seldom the music of Soft Machine comes to my mind during this track. Besides, there is manual for the cd on their site, mentioning the different rhythm patterns (7/4, 11/4, 6/4, 15/8 and so on..), you have to be a keen musician to understand everything. And maybe this is the problem for this kind of music, so much is happening, perhaps too much, which makes it less recognizable and some tracks begin to resemble each other. Naturally, a lot is due to this particular music style, often the tracks are escalating in nervous playing saxophones (cfr. also Gong), like for example in ‘Chanson Verte’, in the second part of the song you can hear suddenly some spacey Porcupine Tree-like music. In fact I encounter a lot of nice fragments, interesting guitar solos, but without true highlights, luckily there are no real drawbacks neither. I am convinced that ‘Psycho Erectus’ will certainly appeal to certain progressive rock fans, especially those that are into the small world of RIO, Canterbury scène and other experimental rock.

Poco más se puede añadir de Polytoxicomane Philharmonie, en 'Sulphur' , 'Fuddle Pie & Puddle Fie' , 'Chanson Verte' son (a veces demasiado) Gong, Magma, Henry Cow, el 'In Search of Space' de Hawkwind o 'Hot Rats' de Frank Zappa, todos esenciales en aldea f. , pero no te engañes que debajo de las setas comienza un único y flotante free festival: jazz nocturno, folk danzarín, rio, space-rock, el underground alemán del que provienen... como eran las palabras mágicas, ¡ah sí! 'Lokus Pokus' y que empieze la función.


mirtamirta said...

lokus pokus! me encanta chanson verte

Oscar Casali Fuentes said... primera sensación al leer tu comentario es que se corre riesgo de escuchar muchos sonidos conocidos y que son el sello de grandes grupos de los setentas. Por lo cual puede parecer algo reptido. Espero equivocarme.

Lo otro, es que personalmente el nombre me parece demasiado largo, rebuscado y lo crees?.