May 26, 2008


juju - a message from mozambique (black fire, 1973)

The first album by the group that later went on to become Oneness Of Juju! The album was recorded with a group that featured Plunky Nakabinde and Lon Moshe on reeds and percussion -- plus Babatunde on congas and drums -- and the overall sound is very much in kind of an Art Ensemble Of Chicago mode - with more "out" soloing overall, mixed with some of the spiritual jazz leanings that would show up more on the group's later work. The album's a fitting record for the Strata East label -- as it shows the imprint's equal ability to carve up heavy avant work and more strident spiritual soul jazz. And if we say so ourselves, Plunky's really a wailer on tenor and soprano -- sounding a lot like Kalaparusha or some of the other AACM players from the time! Titles include "(Struggle) Home", "Soledad Brothers", "Freedom Fighter", and "Nairobi/Chants.

La infección rítmica de James Plunky, afro free-jazz que tendría continuación bajo el nombre de Oneness of Juju y un sonido más cercano al funk y a la world-music. Este primer album va en la estela de la AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) y de anteriores viajeros de f. como Maulawi Nururdin y sobre todo, Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre.
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madre mía, struggle home es demoledora. gracias adrianus!