Jun 12, 2008


talugung - flooded fields (foxglove, 2008)

Someone should start a clan of the instrument builders. and if such a thing existed, talugung (aka ontario resident, ryan waldron) would be one of the leaders of the movement. even though no such organization exists (damnit), there's still this debut album of waldron's fractured exploits. "flooded fields" isn't played on all instruments he's built, though. he accents this with all sorts of random, ethnic instruments - circular xylophones from god knows where, for example - creating a wonderful cacaphony of sound. the proceedings here are choppy and melodic, but underpinned with an organic sense. at times, it sounds like something you might find on a sublime frequencies release, and is also reminiscent of the work of henry kuntz. 100 copies



ana said...

me encanta!!

actualizas tan poco que siempre me olvido de venir a aldea f. queremo más díscolos :)

ana said...

por cierts, gracias otra vez por tu regalo ;))

adrián said...

si que está un poco abandona a f. ahora que ya acabo los exámenes intentaré que vuelva a la vida un poco que, además, tengo unos cuantos rare earth ya amontonados en la recámara.

muchas gracias a ti por pasarte por esta aldea desierta :p y que buenos perenin!