May 14, 2009

acid mothers temple & the melting paraiso u.f.o

We are celebrating Acid Mothers Temple’s return to North America by honoring them with a new release, their fourth for the label. The band toured North America in early spring 2009 in support of “Lord of the Underground: Vishnu and the Magic Elixir.” The album is made up entirely of new studio recordings that have documented the band in fine form. The band is flying at full speed dishing out 3 slabs of Turkish Psych meets Krautrock, served up Acid Mothers Temple style. “Lord of the Underground” will see the light of day on both limited edition vinyl and CD.

Continuing on their winning streak,
Acid Mothers Temple bringing their J-psych alchemy to Alien8, dispensing three new pieces. 'Eleking The Clay' begins with some church-like organ figures, ushering in a bit of a Keith Emerson vibe before the guitars kick into an echoing drone-raga, venturing into some outlandishly protracted fuzzed up riffing hinging on Eastern harmonies. Offering a brief interlude, 'Sorcerer's Stone Of The Magi' arrives with a hushed, folksy and acoustic feel, washing your ears out in time for the epic 'Vishnu And The Magic Elixir' a sludgy, meandering twenty-five minutes that holds off the overdrive pedals for a good twelve minutes or so, spending time delving into deep, dark sixties weirdness laden with sitars and cavernous acoustics. When the band do hit their stride you get the obligatory fuzz solo payoff with plenty of far-out blues licks and all those trademark AMT oscillator sweeps.


Anonymous said...

gracias, gracias, gracias!!!

adrián said...

de nada! y a disfrutar de uno de los discos más inspirados del colectivo, de los últimos años es sónicamente con el que más de identifico.

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Govinda said...

Hola felicidades por el sitio. Este es un disco que no conocía del grupo. El link esta cortado, por favor podrías subirlo de nuevo. }
Gracias de antemano.