Jun 20, 2009

harappian night recordings

Upon hearing Harappian Night Recordings it is common for people to assume that it is a collage of field-recordings from a varied cast of inhabitants from the non-industrialised parts of the world. Such is the rich depth, vitality and authenticity of the recordings. The music and sounds however are created entirely by one man, Dr Syed Kamran Ali. He has such an instinctive feel for putting seemingly incongruous sounds together and such audacious irreverence in utilising any instrument or object from around the globe he can lay his hands on that what he creates is unique. The real miracle however is that his attention-defecit scatter-gun one-take approach so often works. It’s an anarchic buzz of ideas constantly usurping each other. Duelling ouds, whirling mizmars, screeching jouhikkos, tapping finger harps, rumbling monosynths, groaning harmoniums, a fist full of khene, talking gamelan lila derdeba popping giving a bent backed Dante's ring hell or like an Egyptian civilian army shitting on Eden's skull, or a Cuban guerilla force stepping on Eisenhower's throat emptying their glorious bladders on his face. And you can dance to it, Tuareg style.
Sounding not unlike a Sublime Frequencies release from some obscure South Pacific Isle, the mysterious Harappian Night Recordings is in fact the handiwork of just one man, Dr Syed Kamran Ali, who throws together a host of different instruments from various cultures to the effect of creating a kind of hybrid polyethnic sound incorporating ouds, jouhikkos, thumb pianos, synthesizers, mizmars and gamelan noises. Boomkat


ana said...

qué disco adrián, me encanta...de hecho iba a subirlo a microphones.

por cierto, ya he visto a adrianus con matt elliott, por fin :))

gris-gris said...

ana! este disco también es de los tuyos, desde ya unos favoritos.

jo te diste prisa en bajar la foto con lo pronto que la borré por lo mal que salía, habrá que poner otra, ¿al final no había tanto misterio, verdad? ahora tendrás que enviarme una foto :))

gris-gris said...

por cierts matt es tan encantador como grande.

ana said...

ponerle cara al misteriosísimo tattva fue toda una sorpresa :))

gris-gris said...

voy a tener que enviarte otra que estoy muy feo :p
yo sé de uno que sigue esperando una foto de la fascinante cat power.

por cierts, enganchadísimo a best coast no puedo salir de 'sun was high so was i' un bucle continuo.

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