Jan 4, 2010

mustafa ozkent (rare earth XXV)

In those days, outside the core of Western musical culture, an instrumental album with somehow psychedelic improvisations was never called "psychedelic", more labelled as A Go-Go, often dance rhythm related item. Acid jazzrock was more often one influence for such music. Similar try-outs were already done by groups like Gence 5, who later further developed the jazz reference (evolving to Gence 10). Psychfolk.

The best in early '70's Turkish pop is presented here, an extremely rare unbelieveably forward thinking record that has to be heard to be believed. Drums riffs, healthy solos and high end brass attacks fill this album. Not featuring any vocals or 45 releases, it achieved high club value and was constantly played on the TV and radio on its Turkish release in 1973, but like many Turkish LP's of the time most copies were destroyed or recycled. Perfect for all instrumental psychedelia collectors, this is a genuine find. Great cover as well. freak emporium

Pendiente desde
Ananda Shankar, quizá el mejor y más raro album del psych-rock del middle east que mira hacia occidente. Mustafa Özkent habitual músico de estudio grabó con su banda Orkestasi alguna gema perdida a principios de los setenta. Repleto de efectos, improvisaciones, anatolian-folk, 'Gençlik Elele' es funk-jazz turco a-go-go. La hipnosis rítmica definitiva.

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