Jan 15, 2010

brothers of the occult sisterhood

The music of Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood is misunderstood. Once the name for Kyogle-based duo Michael and Kristina Donnelly, it’s now a fluid collective with Michael as its central component. This is their first release on Donnelly’s new non-CD-R label Pacific Soma. If Donnelly’s documented mode of operation still stands, then Grass Openings is a collection of clippings from long-form improvisations that channel the peculiar space in which the group improvise: normally a small village near Kyogle, NSW, called Green Pigeon. That, at least, is what this sounds like, because despite their long hiatus (nearly 12 months is a long time for the Donnellys) not much in the world of Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood has changed. Pacific Soma

After numerous CDs, CDRs, cassettes and LPs, Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood have established themselves as one of the many lights in modern improvised outsider music. Their latest offering, ‘Grass Openings’ sees them continue down this winding path of intoxicated trance derangement. Drawing heavily from psychedelic, jazz and weirdo traditions to create a unique form of mutant sound. 500 copies. Ikuisuus

aldea f.: canisanubis

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please try and find hashram by the brothers of the occult sisterhood. it's there newest and out of print. thanks