Mar 15, 2006

david thomas broughton

david thomas broughton - complete guide to insufficiency (birdwar, 2005)

The album is brazenly lo-fi and rather astonishing in both concept and execution. Reportedly recorded in one forty-minute take in Wrangthorn Church hall in Broughton’s home of Leeds, England, Complete Guide is supposed to capture the feel of Broughton’s live show. While there are moments where you are left wishing he was working with somewhat more advanced machinery or recording techniques (especially the last minute or so of “Ever Rotating Sky”), the album has an eerie and magical quality that a studio could never really convey. A great example: the pealing bells at the end of “Unmarked Grave” could well be the Church’s and not an intentional part of the recording, but either way they fit the track perfectly. Broughton’s voice is extraordinary and engaging; while the guitar work is fairly basic (especially next to finger-picking contemporaries like Banhart and Six Organ's Ben Chasny). Broughton’s writing is out there, but not in a way beholden to Oldham’s biblical wrath, Magnum’s historical curiosity or Molina’s sexual tension/existential crises.

Pincha en el disco y escucha Ambiguity, Execution & Unmarked Grave.


adrián said...

cuando lo incluí en los mejor de 2005 no lo tenía muy escuchado, ahora no digo nada, clicka y...


mirtamirta said...


una vez superado el impacto inicial: ambiguity ambiguity ambiguity ambiguity am bi gui ty. es que es como un disco de loren mazzacane connors con kath bloom pero con david thomas broughton en vez de kath bloom...buf

gracias por redescubrírmelo adrián

adrián said...

con discos así vale la pena perder el tiempo y compartir, escucharé a kath bloom con ese mismo entusiasmo.

ambiguity es mágica y desearías que nunca se acabase, david es extraño y cercano, quiero perderme con ever rotating the sky.

a ti ana.