May 4, 2006

apothecary hymns

apothecary hymns - trowel & era (locust , 2005)

Apothecary Hymns is a multi-talented, multi-instrumental musical genius whose given name is actually Alex Stimmel. He wrote, performed, recorded, and produced this sweetly swaying rush of aural lushness in a fit of pure creative radiance, and it's quite an amazing accomplishment on its very own merits. Sounding like a trippy tugboat troubadour who guzzles liquid LSD by the gallon, Alex grandly guides the listener into a dazzling, vibrantly colorful journey of epic audio proportions. It's all-at-once dreamy, childlike, jubilant, and uplifting like a beatific, melody-enriched fairytale written and sung by Syd Barrett in medieval times. I shall now drink a tankard of mead and savor the succulent sounds of Trowel & Era for another lifetime or two.

Alex Stimmel: acoustic & electric guitars 6 & 12 string guitars, banjo, bass, drums, wurlitzer, analog synth, organ, flute, recorder, kalimba, autoharp, glockenspiel, voice, & tape manipulation.


Little Turtle said...

Psych Psych

poldy said...

hot moves! highly recommend!